Conjure Cinema Photos

The ChubChubs
My Milkman Joe
The Bubble


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I was never scared of a cow before.

Now I know better.


This photograph perfectly captures the experience of coming to Conjure Cinema.

Where else is it possible to see such a scary monkey so close up?

This photo gets my vote for the T-shirt!

We got to wear these cool glasses.

The long exposure times made the photos seem as surreal as the movie. Or was it the plot that made it feel like part of our heads were missing?

Sometimes the movie looked better without the glasses.

Surrealistic Pillow / Abstract Couch

(Look into the Light!)

Roger and the Time Fractured Woman

I guess this is what he meant when he said that different beings experience time differently.
      We are illuminated only by the light of our faith (in Conjure Cinema.)      
      Everyone had a good time                  
            Even if we were initially not quite prepared for Conjure Cinema!

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